Our comprehensive services include the following

Schematic Design

Program Formulation : The Principal will attend a meeting with the client along with the architect of the project, during which the client will explain the various needs and preferences that they would like to incorporate into the project. The client may also express their requirements like particular preferences for style, allocated budget, etc…

Existing Condition Documentation : Accurate documentation of existing condition is essential for all subsequent planning. This is obtained through a complete survey and the information is used for site analysis, design and construction.

Site Analysis : A thorough analysis of the existing site conditions, will offer a lot of valuable clue to the design. A thorough site analysis will also help greatly to reduce the cost of construction.

Scheme : A schematic design expresses the concept which forms the basis for evolving the final and detailed designs.

Preliminary Cost Estimates : A preliminary pricing of the project is presented along with the finalized schematic design. Based on the feed back and revisions a finalized budget for the project is fixed.

Design Development

Hardscape Details : From the conceptual scheme the various details of hardscape elements like materials, finishes, sizes , etc.. are worked out in detail. The various hardscape elements includes roads, driveways, pathways, water features, pavilions, pergolas, etc..

Softscape Details : Planting schemes are evolved for the overall project. The plant species, spacing, quantities are worked out in detail based on specific themes.


Construction Documents : A complete set of construction drawing that provides all necessary details to complete construction in all aspects is provided. The construction set usually contains the following:

Construction Supervision : Throughout construction, we make periodic site visits to see that the work is being developed as planned. Every project is a prototype with unique design solutions that respond to the specific conditions and features of the site. Our involvement during this stage of a project is of significant importance to our clients as we provide valuable advice on construction quality, costs and schedule.

Maintenance Programming

The beauty and challenge of landscape architecture is that it engages design in the ever-changing conditions of the outdoors. When plants are an integral part of the plan, it often takes years for the intended character of the design to be fully realized.

We offer customized maintenance recommendations for your new landscape for guidance with the seasonal care necessary to protect your investment and allow it to mature to its full potential.